Reminders for families

Reminders for families

This message went to all families the evening of Sept. 3:

This was a great day with many happy moments as students started a new school year and classrooms buzzed with teaching and learning. We have four reminders:

First, all visitors including parents must scan their driver's license or other ID into the Raptor system when visiting schools. This is one way we keep schools safe.

Second, be sure that your students dress appropriately and meet dress code standards. Bare midriffs and headgear are not allowed. The dress code is in the student and parent handbook, which you can see at

Third, for children to learn, they must be in school so please commit to having your students in school on time every day.

Fourth, you must tell your school which adults are authorized to pick up your children and make sure your school has your current email address and phone number. This is vital for student safety.

Thank you for your support. Let's make this a great year!