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SOL scores from Petersburg City Public Schools

The Virginia Department of Education yesterday released Standards of Learning pass rates from tests taken in the 2017-18 school year:

“Within the data are some scores that reflect growth within Petersburg City Public Schools, and we celebrate the work of our students, teachers and administrators,” said Superintendent Marcus Newsome. “We are not yet where we want to be, but the processes and expectations that are being strengthened within every school will help us achieve our mission of developing 21st-century citizens able to effectively collaborate, communicate and innovate. We believe the school division is on track to reach the academic goals documented in our five-year strategic plan, Innovate 2022.

“It is important to point out that we are seeing academic growth on an individual basis among our students that is not necessarily reflected in overall pass rates. We continue to believe in our students and teachers as we move forward together to improve public education in Petersburg,” Dr. Newsome said. “We are optimistic and look forward to academic success spreading throughout Petersburg City Public Schools.”

Here are specific areas of improvement for Petersburg schools:

                                                                      2017-18                        2016-17

                                                                   pass rate %                 pass rate %

Petersburg High

        Overall math                                         65                                   58

        Algebra I                                                 51                                   44

        Algebra II                                                91                                   86

        Geometry                                              69                                   58

        Earth science                                         61                                   47


Vernon Johns Middle

        Algebra I                                                 98                                   96

        Grade 6 reading                                   59                                   52

        Grade 8 math                                        51                                   36


Pleasants Lane Elementary

        Grade 4 reading                                   61                                   57

        Grade 4 math                                        68                                   65

        Grade 5 science                                   59                                   51


Lakemont Elementary

        Grade 3 math                                        48                                   43

        Grade 3 reading                                   57                                   55