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Pass rates on Standards of Learning tests taken in 2018-19

A message from Superintendent Maria Pitre-Martin, Ph.D.:
On Aug. 13, 2019, the Virginia Department of Education released Standards of Learning pass rates from tests taken during the 2018-19 school year:

Our SOL scores are not what we were hoping to achieve. While there are bright spots within the data — notably in math — it is clear that we must improve student performance on Standards of Learning tests. We can do better, and we must do better.

Throughout the coming school year, Petersburg City Public Schools will concentrate on helping students reach their goals and achieve their potential. We will narrow our focus, monitor instruction throughout the school year, ensure that the Virginia Standards of Learning are taught and move forward together.

Action plans are being put into place to improve attendance and boost student engagement at every Petersburg school. We need every student in school on time every day, and we are working with our teachers to create instruction that students will not want to miss. Additionally, every school will provide support during the school day for students who need extra help as well as providing after-school opportunities.

Since July 1, which was my first day in Petersburg, I have spent time getting acquainted with the Petersburg community, here are three truths I have learned:

  • Petersburg students are smart, talented and resilient. When our schools and other community organizations provide opportunities and support, our students can compete with students from any other locality.
  • Our teachers and school employees work hard and are dedicated to the young people of Petersburg. We will support our teachers and employees in strategic ways so that they are better positioned to help students succeed.
  • Community support is strong for our students, teachers and schools. That is so important because schools cannot succeed on their own: It absolutely takes a village.

Click here for an information page with district and school data; a Spanish version of the information page is available by clicking here. To see the Virginia Department of Education's news release, click here.

The Aug. 13 announcement of SOL scores is the first step in the Virginia Department of Education’s annual release of educational data. The department will announce accreditation status Sept. 26, then will provide details about graduation and dropout rates on Sept. 30.

Here are highlights of our SOL data:

  • Petersburg High’s Algebra I pass rate continued to climb: 68 percent passed in 2018-19 compared to 51 percent in 2017-18 and 44 percent in 2016-17.
  • Petersburg High achieved progress in chemistry, earth science, World History I and World History II.
  • Vernon Johns Middle seventh-graders improved in reading (58 percent from 57 percent) and math (40 percent from 17 percent).
  • Cool Spring Elementary raised fifth-grade reading to 52 percent from 44 percent.
  • Math pass rates at Cool Spring Elementary improved: third-grade math 55 percent, previously 53; fourth-grade math 50 percent, previously 38; and fifth-grade math 42 previously, previously 38.
  • Lakemont Elementary fifth-graders improved in reading (52 percent from 51 percent) and math (38 percent from 35 percent).
  • Pleasants Lane Elementary made progress in math: third-grade math 68 percent, previously 51; fourth-grade math 72 percent, previously 68; and fifth-grade math 63 percent, previously 49.
  • Walnut Hill Elementary significantly raised fifth-grade math to 75 percent from 63 percent.
  • Walnut Hill Elementary achieved 81 percent in Virginia studies, matching Virginia’s overall pass rate.