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School uniform change

During its July 18 meeting, the Petersburg School Board voted to do away with mandatory uniforms for elementary students. Starting now, uniforms are not required for any grade level in Petersburg schools.

During a recent survey of elementary school families, 85 percent of the 789 respondents preferred no uniforms. The survey results were presented to the School Board on June 6, then on June 20 the School Board received a memo recommending that mandatory school uniforms be eliminated.

Students may continue to wear uniforms if they wish. Several stores have recently stocked uniforms, and some parents have purchased them. Therefore, we do not wish to discourage the wearing of uniforms. We just want families to know that there will not be disciplinary consequences for students who do not wear uniforms.

All Petersburg students in every grade level will now follow the dress code that covered grades 6-12 in the 2017-18 school year. That dress code is included in the handbook available online.