• Welcome to the Transportation Department

    Student safety is a priority for Petersburg City Public Schools, and the school system has practices in place to keep children safe as they go to school in the morning and as they are returned to their families in the afternoon.

    Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of their children to and from bus stops and while waiting at the stops and are particularly encouraged to accompany young children. At the end of the school day, drivers will not let prekindergartners or kindergartners off the bus if an authorized adult or authorized older sibling is not at the stop to meet them and will return those students to school, where they will wait for a parent/guardian to pick them up.

    The standards of student conduct apply at bus stops and on buses. Student misbehavior will not be tolerated and may result in the student being denied transportation via school bus. If a student is suspended from riding the bus, then the parent/guardian is responsible for transporting the student to and from school.

    Students must get on and off the bus at their assigned stops. In emergency situations, a student may ride a different bus than the one assigned. This requires the parent/guardian to send a note each day to the school and approval by the school staff.

    If you have questions, please contact the Transportation Office at 804-862-9058. The office is located at 920 E. Wythe St., Petersburg, VA 23803.