• Petersburg City Public Schools uses an online enrollment form supplemented by a few paper forms.

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    For the 2022-2023 school year, students who will be new to Petersburg City Public Schools should fill out this online Pre-registration form:

    NEW! For 2023-2024 K-12 only, students who will be new to Petersburg City Public Schools should fill out this online Pre-registration form:

    Click here to access the 2023-2024 Pre-Kindergarten Application Process. 

    If you do not have access to the internet or if you prefer to enroll in person, then you can go to the school your child will attend and fill out the online form there. To register online, you must have an email address so that you can create a PowerSchool account. Be sure to record the PowerSchool username and password you establish online.

    After you complete the online registration, you will be contacted within 24 hours (not counting weekends) to confirm that the school has received your enrollment information. The next step toward enrollment takes place at the school your child will attend. It is best to call ahead to make an appointment to complete enrollment:

    • Cool Spring Elementary: 804-861-3765
    • Lakemont Elementary: 804-861-0155
    • Pleasants Lane Elementary: 804-862-7012
    • Walnut Hill Elementary: 804-861-0299
    • Vernon Johns Middle: 804-861-1249
    • Vernon Jones Middle School (6th Grade Academy at Blandford): 804-862-7020
    • Petersburg High: 804-861-4884
    • Westview Early Childhood: 804-861-1274
    • Pittman Academy: 804-862-7197

    The parent/guardian must bring these documents to the school:

    • parent’s photo ID (or other)
    • child’s certified original birth certificate (Even if you have uploaded the birth certificate using the online registration form, you still must present to the school the child’s certified original birth certificate.)
    • proof of residency in Petersburg by providing one of these documents:
      • current lease
      • current deed
      • current rent receipt
      • current mortgage statement
      • current utility bill
      • If the parent/guardian does not have one of those current documents in their name, then they must fill out and have notarized the lives-with form.
    • Before the student starts school, the parent/guardian must provide a completed Virginia school entrance health form, which includes a record of physical exam within 12 months before the first day of school and dates of each state-required immunization.

    In addition to the online enrollment form, the parent/guardian must complete these paper forms:

    Additional information

    • If the parent/guardian’s primary language is not English, then the welcome center (804-862-7056 or 804-490-2331) will help with enrollment.
    • If there is a court order involving the student, then provide a copy to the school.
    • If the student has an IEP or 504, then provide a copy to the school.
    • It is vital that schools have up-to-date contact information for parents/guardians so make sure that you provide your cellphone, email, and home phone information. If your contact information changes at any point, be sure to update the information with the school. One way to do that is to use the PowerSchool account you created in the online registration process; another way is to call your school and provide the updates.

Additional forms