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  • The Petersburg City + Schools Partnership, a collaboration between Petersburg City Public Schools, the City of Petersburg and multiple state, local and non-profit partners, was founded through the Children’s Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2015 and utilizes a collective impact framework to bring about change through a group of important actors from different agencies, different levels of government, and different sectors tied by a common agenda for solving a specific problem. Our collective impact work is intended to lead to Systems transformation for the benefit of the children, youth and families of the City of Petersburg, VA. The work is arduous and requires commitment and dedication of all parties. To read our full operating guidelines presented for approval in March 2020, click here.

    Our Mission:
    To create the climate and conditions for every child to succeed by providing a sustainable, coordinated system of supports and access.

    Our Collective Vision:
    To support the Petersburg City Public School Division in providing a quality education that ensures every child is college ready, career ready and life ready with marketable skills and industry certification.

    Shared Priorities:
    We seek to make an impact in the areas of:

    • Improved school attendance citywide


    • Fostering a trauma-responsive environment where students and families can thrive


    • Bridging the gap between high school and workforce


    These priorities were identified in August 2020 and are subject to change as (a) the agenda item is accomplished or (b) other priorities come to the forefront as a need to support the success of Petersburg students. We believe that continued dedication to these agenda items and future priorities will lead to the individual and community resilience of our students and city.


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    2019-2020 Partnership Meetings

    All Meetings are open to the public and Partnership subscribers are sent a reminder in the month prior to the full meetings as to date, time and location.  If you are not a subscriber, please take the link above to sign up!


    NOVEMBER 12 (5:30-7:30PM)

    JANUARY 21 (Cancelled:  Parterns directed to Campaign for a Trauma-Informed VA)

    MARCH 24 (3:00-5:00 PM)

    MAY 26 (10AM-NOON)