Community Use of School Facilities

  • Non-school and/or out-of-town groups wishing to use school facilities must apply for such use in the director of operation’s office and must follow the regulations outlined by that office.

    When non-school related and out-of-town groups are granted permission (and have paid the rental fee) to use school facilities, the following shall be observed: 

    1. One person representing the group or organization shall assume personal responsibility to work with the principal of the school and shall see that the group or organization he/she represents follow the policies, rules, and regulations of the Board relating to the use of school facilities.
    2. The regular custodian shall open and close the building, seeing that all windows are locked, lights are off, and the building secured in an acceptable manner, and that facilities are left in such condition that the school will be ready to receive properly regular students on the next school day.
    3. Each group or organization using facilities shall be responsible for any damage done to facilities.
    4. The group or organization using facilities shall accept responsibility for good order, and if necessary, provide the proper police and fire protection.
    5. Any group or organization granted use of school facilities may not use the cafeteria kitchen unless some employee of the cafeteria is in charge of equipment.
    6. Cotton batting, straw, inflammable tissue, dry leaves, trees, or other highly inflammable materials may not be used for decorative purposes.