Public Comment Protocol


    In accordance with BDDH Public Participation at School Board Meetings, the public will have an opportunity for public comment. 




    • Citizens are invited to address the School Board on matters of public concern about the School Division. 

    • Speaker forms are available prior to the start of the meeting. If you wish to address the School  Board, please complete the form and give it to the Clerk of the Board. 

    • Each individual will have three (3) minutes to speak. 

    • Speakers may not yield their time to another. 

    • All comments shall be directed to the Board Chair. 

    • Speakers should address the Board Chair with decorum on policy issues. 

    • Speakers comment on individuals at their own risk of violating confidentiality laws and/or defaming the subjects of their comments. 

    • Neither the Board Chair, Superintendent, nor the school administration will respond publicly to any comments by speakers about individuals. 

    • The audience is asked to be respectful of all speakers. 

    • Public comment is the School Board’s opportunity to listen to the speaker. Since our purpose is to hear from you, the Board will not engage in dialogue with the audience or whoever is at the podium. Matters requiring a response will be directed to the Superintendent for research and response. The Superintendent may report back on such matters at a subsequent business meeting as appropriate. 

    • The School Board carefully considers your comments as we decide matters that are brought before us. We appreciate your attendance and your input.