• Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

    The Special Education Advisory Committee works with the School Board, administrators, educators and parents of children with disabilities. In Virginia, this committee is a mandate for every school district by the regulations governing special education programs for children with disabilities. 



    School Board Members:

    • Bernard J. Lundy, Jr.
    • Lois A. Long

    Advisory Committee Members

    • Dr. Torrey Manson, Lead
    • Tomeca Bynum
    • Sarah Davis
    • Andrew Posey
    • Chantrese Rainey
    • Simone Shelton
    • Mr. and Mrs. Percy Skelton
    • Andretta Whitefield
    • Angela C.E. Williams
    • David Wright


    Meeting Dates: Oct. 20,2020, Jan. 12,2021 


    SEAC Meeting Minutes -10/20/2020

    SEAC Meeting Minutes -1/12/2021