• Substitute teaching

    The district uses Absence Management (AESOP) for the recording of all absences and the dispatching of all substitute teachers. 

    On Feb. 20, 2019, the Petersburg School Board eliminated a previous requirement that substitute teachers have completed at least 60 college credits. Here are policy GCE requirements to become a substitute teacher in Petersburg schools:

    • be at least 18 years old, with preference given to persons 21 years old or older
    • possess good moral character
    • hold a high school diploma or have passed a high school equivalency examination approved by the Board of Education
    • attend orientation to school policies and procedures


    • Completion of online application
    • Evidence of a negative tuberculin test (or chest X-ray)
    • Attend an orientation session; orientations take place 9:30-11:30 a.m. on the last Friday of each month at the Administrative Offices, 255 E. South Blvd.
    • Suitable criminal background check
    • Dyslexia module 
    • Child abuse recognition
    • If you have CPR/first aid/AED training, please provide a copy of your card/certificate.

    Rate of pay

    New substitute teachers will be paid only upon becoming an active substitute in our system and working at least one day:

    • substitute teachers with at least a bachelor's degree: $75 per day
    • all other substitute teachers: $68 per day

    There are also opportunities for substitute instructional assistants (teacher's aides) and secretaries. The rates are $53 per day for substitute instructional assistants and $56 per day for secretarial substitutes.

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