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  • What are the standards of student conduct?

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    The standards of student conduct apply at bus stops and on buses. Student misbehavior will not be tolerated and may result in the student being denied transportation via school bus. If a student is suspended from riding the bus, then the parent/guardian is responsible for transporting the student to and from school.

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  • What is the procedure at bus stops?

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    Students must get on and off the bus at their assigned stops. In emergency situations, a student may ride a different bus than the one assigned. This requires the parent/guardian to send a note each day to the school and approval by the school staff.

    It is important that students arrive at least 5 minutes before pickup time (10 minutes earlier during the first week of school). 

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  • What are route numbers?

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    Each school bus route is assigned a route number, which is posted on the side of all buses. All students, especially at Westview Early Childhood Education Center and the elementary schools, are encouraged to learn the route number for their bus. The route numbers are important when a spare bus is used on the route.

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  • What are the bus safety rules and expectations?

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    Never run to or from the bus

    Cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus

    Hold the handrail when boarding or exiting the bus

    Do not talk to a stranger or take anything from a stranger

    Do not go anywhere with a stranger

    At the bus stop

    Arrive at the assigned stop five minutes before pickup time

    Stand on the sidewalk or the edge of the street by the curb

    Stand back from the curb

    Stay off private property

    Be respectful of and watchful for traffic

    Wait quietly and orderly

    When the bus arrives

    Allow the bus to come to a complete stop

    Wait for the driver’s signal before boarding

    Board the bus in a quiet and orderly manner

    On the bus

    Respect the bus driver and bus assistant and follow their directions

    Remain seated

    Practice orderly conduct

    Keep the aisle clear

    No profanity or obscene behavior

    No smoking, eating or drinking

    No bullying

    No unsafe objects or weapons

    No vandalism or throwing items from the bus or on the bus

    No body parts outside the bus windows

    No radios, tapes or electronic audio or video device

    No live animals

    No gambling

    Leaving the bus

    Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop

    Exit at the assigned bus stop in an orderly manner

    Cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus

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