• Virginia supports teaching and learning through statewide system of support and accountability for the commonwealth’s public schools and school divisions. The commonwealth sets rigorous academic standards, known as the Standards of Learning (SOL), and measures achievement through annual SOL tests and alternative and alternate assessments. The system provides schools, school divisions and the Virginia Department of Education with critical data to inform the development and implementation of effective instructional strategies and best practices.

     SOL assessments measure student achievement in English, mathematics, science and history/social science. Students are assessed in English and mathematics in grades 3-8 and at the conclusion of certain high school-level courses. SOL tests in science and history are administered in grades 3, 5 and 8 and at the end of high school-level courses in these subjects. Some students may take tests at other grade levels based on the school’s curriculum.
  • SOL Expedited Retakes

    On March 26, 2015, the Virginia Board of Education adopted a resolution allowing expedited retakes of SOL tests in grades three through eight of all non-writing SOL assessments. Students who fail a SOL assessment by a narrow margin (375-399) or have extenuating circumstances and passed the associated subject or course are eligible to retake the SOL.  Students in grades 9-12 continue to have the opportunity to take expedited retakes if they meet the criteria.

    Parents must give their consent before students in grades 3-8 can be retested. A decision not to retest will not impact your child’s grade or academic record. Parents will receive opt-in forms. Please indicate whether or not you grant permission for your child to be retested and return the form to your child’s school.

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  • Regent University Partnership

    Educational Advancement Through Regent University

    Petersburg City Public Schools has entered into a partnership with Regent University.  As a result, employees, spouses and dependents have access to a variety of benefits including tuition reduction.  To learn more, click here.